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Last updated

April 9th, 2009

All Spore Prints are for Microscopy Use ONLY!


We are currently accepting requests for prints and send prints worldwide.


Due to a very limited selection there will be no choice of  strains. When, and if our donations pick up, we may once again revert to the old system of requesting specific strains from what is available.


For now… all requests are $2.00 US for postage, but the strain you are sent will be dependant on what is available. No choices!

Larger cash donations are always welcome of course.


Send your requests and/or donations to:


FSRCanada  -  Box 27005

75 Dundas St.

Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H1



Please use our request form if possible.


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We are in limited supply of prints, so please donate.

FSRCanada  -  Box 27005,  75 Dundas St.,  Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H1