FSRC Print Tek  (Updated)

FSRC Print Tek

By Shdwstr


Items required


1. A Clean Area to Print

2. Heavy duty Tinfoil

3. Scissors

4. Scalpel or exacto knife

5. Several disposable beer glasses etc. (To cover the Caps)

6. Alcohol

7. Ziplock baggies

8. A Sharpie Marker

Last updated

January 1st, 2009


I will try to pretty this up with some pictures soon, but for now…


For most printing purposes, a glove box or flow hood is not really necessary, but they do assure a higher level of print quality.


Start by making sure your work area is clean, wash everything you can and wipe it down with alcohol. If your furnace is blowing hot air around, block the vent or shut the furnace off, then wait an hour or so for the air to settle, before you start. Your work/printing area can be anything from an empty sock drawer, a table top, or a multi drawer printing station. As long as it is CLEAN!


I prefer to prepare the material I’m printing on first.

When printing on Foil, cut the foil into 4” to 6” strips by 6” or 8” in length. Wipe the shiny side of the foil with alcohol and allow it to dry completely before printing on it.


Sterilize your scalpel or exacto knife in your alcohol. Dry or burn the alcohol off, then cut the stem from the cap, as close to the cap as possible.

Place your caps (gills down of course) on your foils shiny side and cover it with a suitable clean container. I prefer the disposable plastic glasses or beer mugs. Close your drawer, turn the lights off, fire up the furnace and call it a day!


After patiently waiting 24 hrs, it’s time to turn the furnace back off and collect your prints. Find something pointed to pick up the caps. I prefer a dental pick (available at Radio Shack). You can also use a safety pin, sewing needle, or even a thumb tack. Whatever you use, sterilize with alcohol first. (You’ll see why)

Remove the covers and the caps, and wonder at the beauty of your prints.


Recover the print with the cap cover for 24 hours to let it dry before folding up the foil, as they can be quite wet at times.


Fold the foil print in half, then fold over the open 3 edges to seal it.  Label the foil with your Sharpie marker, or if you have a lot of prints of the same strain, keep them all in one well labeled ziplock bag.


Be sure to label your prints.


By the way… if you get a really nice print from a cap… you might want to try reprinting the same cap again. You just might get a pleasant surprise after another 24hrs. (Now you know why I told you to sterilize the pointy pickup thingy.)

Don’t push your luck though, after 72 hours that cap is only good for drying out and saving, for your next fancy pot of soup.


The Final Step… Send a nice print donation to the FSRCanada.


After All… That is why you made the prints in the first place… Isn’t it?

FSRCanada  -  Box 27005,  75 Dundas St.,  Cambridge, ON  N1R 8H1